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How to work with different Bujari devices will not be a very difficult process for people, and it is enough to get the necessary guidance from a skilled and expert person during use. All these devices are designed and manufactured in different companies with international and national standards for the purpose of cleaning and optimal packaging of all types of beans and grains. In our country, several groups have tried to manufacture this type of machines, and due to the existence of competition between these companies, it has led to the improvement of various machines day by day.

These devices are the best option for sorting and polishing different food grains, which are produced in different designs and sizes for use in small and large packaging workshops. The mechanism or function of the Bojari machine is such that, despite the multiple weighing and vibrators inside the machine, it separates the seeds without being damaged or corroded and leads them to the next stages and finally the final packaging. .

It should be mentioned that there is a packaging section in some of these functional devices and according to the needs of the customers, the appropriate device will be provided to them. In the rest of this Ram Sanat Bahare article, we will examine the general performance of this type of machine.

How the Bujari device works

Considering that in recent years, most of the people have preferred to buy packaged cereals and pulses over kilo and bulk purchases, the need for devices that can do this in the best conditions and in the shortest possible time is more than has passed For this purpose, Bojari devices are designed with different mechanisms to meet this need for producers.

In general, the Bojari machine has systems for separating impurities and smaller grains, classifying grains with different sizes, polishing the grains to separate the skin and finally packaging, and by doing all these steps, a product is packaged. It will reach the customer with high quality.

These industrial machines have elevators so that the desired beans and grains are placed inside them and are transferred to the scales above the machine. After transferring the edible grains to the weighers, in the first place, the device, with parts such as fans and various vibrators that are built into it, separates all kinds of waste materials such as sand, soil, etc. and produces a product without impurities for the next steps Prepares packaging.

In the second stage, it is necessary to separate the smaller beans and grains from the larger ones, which have better quality, by rollers and sieves along with the vibrations created by the machine, and a product package is prepared in compliance with all the high quality standards. to be After the aforementioned separations and classification of the seeds, it enters the polishing stage or removing the extra shells so that the desired beans have a completely smooth and polished surface.

In the last stage, the seeds will be directed to the packaging department and will be transferred into the packaging bags with special channels. It should also be noted that not all Bojari devices have these facilities, and according to the customer's needs, a device suitable for the applicant's work will be provided to him.

Some positive features of the Bujari device

  • Quick and easy installation, which can be set up by the buyers themselves
  • Low noise compared to old Bujari machines
  • The possibility of setting up the device in small and large spaces
  • Complete guide and electrical panels
  • Low power consumption due to the presence of energy consumption standards in the device

Points that should be considered before buying a washing machine

before Buying a grain threshing machine and beans, you should pay attention to points such as the general mechanism of the machine in question, the amount of energy consumed by the machine, the standards in its design and production, the material of the body and the warranty of the machine in order to prepare a high-quality and practical machine for your activities. Due to the difference in power consumption in this type of equipment, you should also pay attention to this in order to buy a device with lower power consumption, because a device with these specifications will require lower energy consumption to carry out your activities, which is the result of this. The process will lead to a reduction in your production costs.

By using these types of devices, you will be able to process and package all kinds of grains and legumes from additional materials. Considering this point, you should definitely contact the experts in this field in order to make a successful purchase. have the Also, the use of these machines will eliminate your need to use traditional methods for packing and refining food grains and will speed up the related work.

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