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Raam Sanaat Bahareh Co
Raam Sanaat Bahareh Co

Raam Sanaat Bahareh Co

Ram Sanat Bahareh Company is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery (types of threshing and lifting) in Iran, which belongs to the private sector and private investment in 1995 by the founders of Hamid Reza Ghasemi Brothers Company as CEO and Ramin Ghasemi. As the Chairman of the Board and Production Manager, with the aim of mechanizing the agricultural and food sectors, he entered the field of agricultural industry in 2003. Passed. After the completion of construction operations in June 2008, it was officially put on the production line.

Grain line lines and devices

This line's cleaning function is completely mechanical and consists of several devices. The desired product is transferred to the pre-cleaning machine by the first lift and after the first cleaning step, the product is transferred to the next machine by the second lift for the second step. 

The product is poured on the first sieve and passes through it. But the stone and additional components that have a larger volume (wood, clod, stone, 3) do not pass and are separated. In the second sieve, the product does not pass. Rather, anything smaller than The grains of our product (pebbles, sand, etc.) are passed and separated.

99.5% of the product is cleaned by this complete line.

Lines and devices for cleaning beans

Threshing is the process by which the grains of various grains, including wheat, barley, or rice, are removed from the skin and stems. Also, during this operation, all kinds of weed seeds, insect eggs, garbage and various pests are cleaned from them.

Sifting grains and cereals or separating garbage from wheat and barley by sieving and cleaning this type of agricultural products, as well as sorting and grading grains and cereals has long been done traditionally and manually, one of the oldest methods of threshing We can mention the winding of the crops hit by agricultural forks.

Service and Support

Ram Sanat Bahare company has an active technical support unit in line with the production of irrigation devices in various capacities for updating, installation and commissioning, periodic visit and service of the devices, as well as providing warranty and after-sales services of the relevant spare parts.

This unit follows up on their issues and demands as soon as possible during the contact of customers with the company on all working days of the week (it should be noted that the existence of product support has not been seen in many foreign products or it requires a lot of time and money)

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Members of Ram Sanat Bahare Company

مدیر عامل

Managing Director

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Chairman of the Board

مدیر فروش

Sale and trade manager

Ram Sanat Bahareh products are produced based on international standards and with expert approval and quality control in all stages. To get acquainted with the details of products, images and specifications, you can download the updated catalog of the company from the opposite link.

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